Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Las Vegas

So, I went to Vegas with my friend Stacey. It was a spontaneous kind of trip. She text me Wednesday night (at approx 2 am) and the text said something like: Hey Michelle, I'm going to Vegas tomorrow and I want you to come with.

I went to work the next morning, got that afternoon and Friday off, and we hit the road. We were gone from 1-12-12 to 1-16-12. It was a LOT of fun. Here are some things that happened:
  • I got woken up by a rooster Friday morning...I'm pretty sure it was a first for me. Not just being woken up by a rooster in Las Vegas, being woken up by a rooster at all. Awesome.
  • I went to CES. Who would have thought I would love that show so much? I don't generally know anything about electronic type stuff. It was really great though. There were a ton of spectacular things to see.
  • Went to my first ever Las Vegas buffet. The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas...SO good! And while there I tried some delicious King Crab (although I was willing to try tasting it, I wasn't willing to crack that sucker open and dig out the meat, I let my friend Michael do that part for me...thanks Michael)
  • Personally witnessed a two party Jazzy wheel chair accident. Guy just ran right into her, almost head on. Poor lady didn't even know what hit her! And Stacey and I could only stand there and stare, thinking 'did we really just see that?!' Don't worry, everyone was ok.
  • Pretended to be Staceys jealous girlfriend to stop some creepy guy from hitting on her. I'm pretty sure he was ready to fight me for her! I had to tell him "Hey! She's going home with me tonight." Good thing I LOOKED intimidating and he didn't know I'm actually a wimp! He left her alone the rest of the night.
  • Made Stacey drive about an hour out of our way (well, an hour round trip) before we could leave for home so that I could get some delicious French Market Sparkling Pink Lemonade from Trader Joe's. Oh man, it's so good!
  • Won at the Roulette table. Twelve Whole Dollars! (Yes, I'm genuinely excited about $12, I'm not what you would call a high roller.)
  • Played Bingo for the first time ever. So much fun!
  • Went and saw the Fremont Street light show for the first time
  • Witnessed some lady at the gas station get a really funny look from Stacey because when the lady said "I like your boots" Stacey thought she said "boobs"...awkward
  • Taught Stacey how to curl her hair with a flat iron. It looked great!
  • Went in search of the pool in our swimsuits only to be given a funny look by the desk clerk and be reminded that even though it may feel warm to us, it's still winter. "The pools only open in summer."
  • Had a spectacular time trying to help Stacey figure out how to work the slot machine. For the record, I said that I tried to help, in truth I might have just been part of the problem. Michael was the real hero of the situation by removing us silly girls from the casino floor all together. Apparently you have to do more than just put money in and push the cash out button. Who knew?
  • Saw the fountains go off at the Billagio twice, after having missed them two days in a row.
  • Wandered around some of the hotels on the strip and saw some of the cool things that there are to see in Las Vegas.
  • Went into the Christian Louboutin store to drool and daydream over beautiful black pumps with a red sole....aahhhh....if only....
  • Showed up awkwardly in the background of almost every picture taken at the little rich girls birthday party. Hey, it wasn't our fault that her reserved V.I.P. table was right in front of where we positioned ourselves at the club. It was prime location, we weren't going to move!
  • Developed a pattern that I haven't ever had before, and I hope to never have again. This is how it went: Boy buys Stacey drink, Stacey sets drink down on ledge in front of where I'm dancing, I knock drink over, repeat. I swear I spilled half a dozen drinks, at least! Sheesh!
  • Had so, SO much fun!
I'm sure there are actually many, many more things that happened, but I cant think of them now and this post is already really long so I'll just leave it at that. It was a really great vacation!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Remember how I was excited cause I got the internet, and I was going to start blogging again. That isn't happening so much. It turns out I don't have much to say on my little blog....
hhmmm.....what a fabulous post this is!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yup, Another Christmas Post

It would seem that packing up to deliver the gifts is almost as exciting as the actual giving of the gifts...ok, it isnt quite THAT great, but it did make me a little giddy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Do you know whats great? When it gets so close to Christmas that instead of counting dates to make sure you are on track with your cute little advent calendar (ie: 25th, 24th, 23rd...) you count days to make sure you're on track with your cute little advent calendar (ie: Sunday, Saturday, Friday...)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas time and want to enjoy the season for as long as possible so I usually decorate right after Thanksgiving (which I did again this year). My little apartment is so cute with my Christmas tree and lights and little decorations all over, so I thought I'd share some pictures:

This is my little tree. Fun, huh?

And here are Brandon and Whitney after Whit and I hung some lights up in their apartment.
(tee hee, it started out looking nice, but then we had extra and since B was in the other room we decided to just fling them about wildly to see how he reacted. He walked into the room, paused, and said "oh boy...". It was funny. We fixed it later, they are pretty dang cute now)

And THIS is the picture that I received from my dad of my parents Christmas tree. Yeah. Its tipped over. There were a plethora of jokes to be had.
Mom claimed that she thought it would be easier to hang the lights if she just lay them out on the floor and rolled the tree around them.
I have yet to see the finished tree, but I did call to verify that no people or pets were injured in the falling of this tree. Apparently they were busy decorating and it just up and tipped over. Needless to say, I laughed. A lot!

Monday, December 12, 2011


This weekend I took a little road trip to visit two of my very favorite people, B & Whit, in lovely Pocatello. We had so much fun (at least I had so much fun, and they said they did too...I choose to believe them)
Wanna know some of the fun things we did? Ok, I'll tell you:
They showed me around town a bit, I saw where B goes to school and works, and they pointed out where Whit works, and we went to the mall, which was...well...a little sad. The mall in Pocatello isn't really that impressive.
Then we went to the Fort Hall Casino...which is also not the most impressive thing ever... While there we got some hot cocoa, and we all played some slots. Whit and I played more than B did, we both played $1.00, Brandon only played $0.01. We are High Rollers!
Once we had decided that we had inhaled enough second hand smoke, we left the casino and went to a movie. We saw Arthur Christmas, which was SO GREAT! I really loved that movie!
After that we went back to their apartment, made some Muddy Buddies (yum!) and hung out until the wee hours of the morning.
It was so great! Thanks Brandon and Whitney for inviting me to visit!

Friday, December 9, 2011

An Invitation

Thursday, December 8, at 10:45 pm I am the lucky recipient of the following text:

"Muddy buddies, an Xbox Christmas preview, comfy queen size bed with feather mattress pad and matching sheet/comforter set, and a special pan of vegetarian lasagna await your arrival in exotic Pocatello (a mere three hour jaunt) this weekend if you choose to accept this limited time offer.
*limited to the first caller, most expenses paid, offeree responsible for interstate travel."

I immediately called in (to my younger brother) and found out that I was, in fact, the first caller!! Whoo Hoo, I won a trip to visit my Brother and Sister-in-law! Pocatello here I come!